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Simmer-Down Sunday: One Meme Stock To Rule Them All


Return Of The Meme King

One meme stock to rule them all — one meme stock to find them.

One meme stock to bring them all, and in the market, buy them.

The hunt is on, Great Ones: Meme stocks roared to life this week like Uruk-hai stalking fresh gains. The gang’s all here: GameStop, Hertz, Bed Bath & Beyond and AMC … no matter how hard AMC tries to pretend it’s not.

But … is Wall Street’s lore true? If you’re once a meme stock … are you always a meme stock?

If you tuned into yesterday’s discussion on Palantir (NYSE: PLTR), you’ll know that one does not simply shake off your prior meme status.

But if there ever was a chosen stock to overcome the meme stock power — to face the volcanic fires of Mount Wall Street — it might just be Palantir.

The company’s AI-based “spy” software essentially gives the government Saruman’s seeing stones … considering that Tolkien nerdiness is what gave Palantir its name to begin with.

But now that the meme stock crowd has largely moved on from PLTR shares like sidetracked Nazgul, Palantir might finally be worth your all-seeing investing eye … if it weren’t for a few Hobbit-sized lingering doubts on my mind. Click here to see why…

Were any of you Great Ones tempted to take part in this week’s meme-stock-a-thon? Let me know in the inbox if you did; I won’t judge … too hard. Besides, we’ve got something better.

Oh sweet, we’re heading over to WallStreetBets?

Even better. My pal Adam O’Dell found a smarter way to exploit the same market forces driving meme stocks to incredible heights — without all the hype or hyper volatility.

This strategy has already helped him capture huge top gains of 113% on XBI in only 69 days, 225% on Pan American Silver in only 60 days and 430% on SuperValu Inc. in only 63 days.

You can learn more right here!

Now for some more meme-worthy market matters to munch on. Here’s some extra-special Greatness you might’ve missed this week:

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Wall Street’s talking heads are worried about inflation — you know, that thing that makes other things more expensive? But here’s why you shouldn’t let this influence your investment decisions…

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It’s on! You either meme or get memed in today’s market. And if this past week was any indicator, meme stocks are back, baby.

Fighting Meme Stock FOMO

It’s hard not to have FOMO when meme stocks rally higher. But few of these companies make their way out of the garbage heap — except for this meme stock king.

I Liked IPOs Before They Were Cool

Not to get all hipster on you, but IPOs? So pedestrian. We’re trading “pre-IPO” stocks now … get with it!

Nio’s Production Juntion: What’s Your Malfunction?

Nio’s got the wind in my hair. Shifting and drifting … getting ready for the adrenaline surge that only an EV investment can give you!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

In the meantime, write to us whenever the market muse calls to you! is where you can reach us best.

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Until next time, stay Great!

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