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1 Stock Better Than FANG…


FANG was a stock market darling.

Those four stocks — Facebook (Meta), Amazon, Netflix and Google (Alphabet) — dominated.

And for good reason. They were new, daring, innovative. And left their competitors in the dust.

But now, we’re in a new era. America 2.0. And there’s one stock that could beat all of FANG…

Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA).

And unlike FANG, Tesla basically has zero competition because it’s a leader in MULTIPLE industries.

And why settle for No. 2?

We’re in a era of winner take most. Being #2 is not worth it. Amazon is yet to generate a real competitor. Same for Google, Facebook, Netflix. For Tesla, this is true in multiple BIG businesses mobility/autonomy energy/storage. #BOP?on Tesla

— ??Paul Mampilly (@MampillyGuru) November 11, 2021

Tesla is the leader of so many mega trends we follow — like new energy, semiconductors and electric/autonomous vehicles.

Not to mention with Elon Musk at the helm, there could be a Tesla rocket come to play over at SpaceX!

So we say, forget FANG. Buy Tesla.

Just look at these details about a battery game-changer from Tesla’s own “employee No. 7…”

That’s how you invest for the future.

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Your Bold Profits Team

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